passionate, honest, unconventional

Sergio & Francesca

We are a curious and passionate couple. To us, life is an amazing trip full of possibilities.
We love watching old movies, walking by the sea, taking photos at sunset, and cooking (it relaxes us a lot!). In other words: life, and its small hidden treasures. We have a passion for detail, and we are constantly searching for a different angle to see things. When we drive, sometimes we take the longest road to enjoy the landscapes.
We chose to be wedding photographers because we love to tell the stories that bind people together, providing our intimate vision to do so.
We are based in the beautiful city of Verona, but we are used to working in other regions of Italy, such as: Tuscany, Lake Como, the Amalfi coast, and more. We are also available throughout Europe and all over the world. You can find our work on Junebug Weddings, Best of Wedding Photography, Looks Like Film, La Bride & more.

Our Philosophy

wedding photography as art

We believe that wedding photography is a form of art. That’s why every year we take on a small number of weddings, in order to be able to provide the utmost quality with each one. Maybe, while browsing the photos present on this website you thought: What beautiful images… How do you create them?  To obtain such emotional photos it is not enough to capture the correct light, or to take advantage of particular points of view: the photographer’s job is also to understand the clients’ personality, to accommodate their desires, and to put them at ease. And we always try our best to do so. On our part, however, I like to think that instead of finding “things” in our photos, you look forward to finding your true essence, the nucleus of your love, the relationships with the people that are most important in your life. This way, our photos will become your Memories, and you will cherish them for a lifetime. We perform photojournalism most of the time: this means that we maintain a very discreet approach for the entire day. Nevertheless, after the ceremony, we usually do a session with the bride and groom alone, always with a natural and fresh style. During this private photo session, we will provide you with a few suggestions to achieve the stunning and emotional results that you have seen on this website.