Couple Photography Session in Azores

I have met Dennis & Stefanie while I was in Azores for an amazing wedding photography workshop named Camp Azores.

Dennis and Stefanie met for the first time in the Netherlands. Stefanie was dancing in a bar where there was no music. Dennis asked: “What are you dancing on? There is no music”… where Stefanie responded: “There is music in my head!”. So they immediately found a connection which quickly turned into love… “If she is dancing in public even if there is no music” – Dennis said – “she must be really cool!”. 

Dennis and Stefanie eventually started an amazing band called Wolf & Moon, whose music style is somewhere between the folky sound of Angus & Julia Stone and the electronic influences of The XX – as they describe on their website. They formed the band Wolf & Moon almost by accident: “I wanted to travel to the United States and Dennis wanted to join me” – says Stefanie – “I mentioned that if we are going to the United States, we should be making music there, and we should have our own songs… we should start a band! We went to a barn and started writing songs. I booked a few shows in New York and the rest is history…”.

As a wedding photographer in Azores I enjoyed doing this engagement session a lot with Dennis and Stefanie, everything flew very naturally and I had to put very little effort to catch the beauty and love that these two were able to express!




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