Getting Married in Verona, Italy

Verona is a city with very ancient origins. It has been in a state of continuous development for the past two thousand years –  integrating artistic and architectural elements from its various periods. It’s impossible not to mention the Arena among its most famous monuments – an impressive amphitheater built in the First Century A.C.  It is still used today to host concerts of all genres – from opera to rock. Verona is also known as the city of love thanks to Shakespeare – who set the story of Romeo and Juliet there. Since then, the charm of the story of the two most famous lovers of all time has continued to echo within the medieval walls of this small and beautiful city located on the banks of the river Adige, which almost completely embraces it. And it is precisely the Adige – via Ponte Pietra – that you must cross in order to access the historic heart of Verona.  This part of the city is the most adored by the locals – it contains a beauty that takes your breath away! Getting married in Verona therefore, means choosing an artistic city that has so much to offer both in terms of architecture and landscape, as well as from a gastronomical point of view. There are many wedding venues in Verona, especially in the extended part of the province that also includes Valpolicella and Lake Garda. The historic villas have the most impact on the future Brides and Grooms when they begin their search for an exclusive wedding venue in Verona to celebrate their big day!

Among the most celebrated villas we can find: Villa Bertani, Villa Serego Alighieri and Villa Cordevigo. Each of these historic villas – built between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries B.C. – has a special charm and in each one you can still feel the echo of the ancient glories of the past Venetian nobles. These are perfect locations if you are planning a fairytale wedding in Verona –  the style and elegance of these places will leave your guests astonished!

Some of these villas are still owned by ancient landowners who are dedicated to the production of wine today – and  for which the province of Verona is famous for. I often happen to perform a couple’s photo shoot in the vineyards –  with their sweet layouts – which serve as a truly original backdrop! Next to the great historic villas, we can find magnificent luxury relais in Verona which are immersed in nature. These spots are where the newlyweds and their guests can find a moment of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city. An example amongst the numerous options is the Tenuta Le Cave, located on the eastern hills of Verona. It stands on an ancient marble quarry where the charm of natural goods – such as stone and wood –  is clearly visible in the furnishings. Another exclusive location for a wedding in Verona is La Finestra Sul Fiume, which is right on the riverside of the Mincio. 

Finally, an entire chapter should be written on getting married in Lake Garda –  given its vastness and its importance in terms of tourism and culture. I will limit myself to simply mentioning the place that I personally prefer on the Veronese shore – La Casa Degli Spiriti. Thanks to its location on the slopes of Monte Baldo, it offers breathtaking views of the entire Garda lake. Ultimately, Verona and its wonders is on top of the list as one the most gorgeous places to plan a wedding in Italy. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Verona, feel free to contact me.

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