Bride & Groom, Getting Ready

There are some moments, during a Wedding photo shoot, that deserve special attention. Fulfilling the objectives of a Wedding photo shoot, after all, means telling a story through images that contains a beginning, the unfolding of events, and an end. The time where the Bride and Groom get ready is undoubtedly one of the parts of the day that I love shooting the most. It is possible to make a rundown of all the emotions that characterise the Wedding during this time, finished off with a sprinkle of nerves that is typical of the moments that normally precede important events: the big step – marrying your loved one –  is something that always creates a little bit of agitation even in couples that have been together for a long time. This is so, even if the Wedding represents the crowning point of a long love story. And how could it be any other way!


I love taking advantage of natural light, and if it’s possible I advise the Bride and the Groom where to position themselves for a perfect end result of the photographs. For the rest, the photos taken during the preparations are typically candid shots – I normally don’t interfere during the natural unfolding of events.

One of the moments I also love the most is the closure of the dress: a ritual that can generate joy and emotion – captured on the face of the Bride as well as on the faces of all the other people present – starting from the Mother, to the bridesmaids. Seeing the Bride in her magnificent gown after so much waiting isn’t something that leaves us indifferent!

Being a Wedding Photographer provides me with the great privilege of being able to witness these intimate moments, and I possess the task of giving back all those emotions through my shots. Then they can be viewed even by those who were not present during the event. If you think about it, there aren’t many people involved in this delicate phase. Being granted such, is something that involves great respect and lots of attention.

For me, as a professional, it is also the opportunity to tip-toe my way into contact with the Bride and Groom and their families, get to know their witnesses, starting to make my presence known until I become almost invisible, and being able to grasp all the nuances without anyone feeling uncomfortable while I fulfil my goal.

Being a Wedding Photographer means, in some way, being part of the most important group of people who surround the Bride and Groom that day. It is essential, therefore, to possess cordiality and discretion, as well as providing some advice and reassurance. And here is where my experience gained over the years at hundreds of Weddings comes to the rescue: personally I’m so glad when my presence is interpreted as that of an expert, ready to help and reassure the couple in case there is the need!