Wedding Photography Workshop: Camp Azores

I believe in the value of education and training: I think that if a photographer wants to keep with the times, he must constantly compare and contrast his work with other professionals from the same field and “go back to the drawing board” from time to time. In the end, I agree with the statement that “learning never ceases”!

That’s why, last Spring, I took the opportunity to attend a wonderful wedding photography workshop called Camp Azores. The workshop provided me with the chance to listen to the some of the most influential wedding photographers around, to take some epic shots to add to my personal portfolio, but above all, it gave me the chance to meet the attendees: they were all so talented, and I was able to learn so much from them, as well as spend some very intense time together made up of laughter, dancing, and some tears of joy!

The pics that you see below are part of my small tribute to that experience, to which I give the credit in perfecting my skills as a wedding photographer, and which gave me the energy to take on 2017’s Wedding Season, which has just concluded.

 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_2Azores_Wedding_Photographer_1Azores_Wedding_Photographer_35 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_33 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_34 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_31 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_30 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_29 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_28 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_27 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_24 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_23 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_22 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_21 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_20 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_19 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_18 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_17 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_15 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_14 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_13 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_12 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_11 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_10 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_9 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_8 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_7 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_6 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_5 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_4 Azores_Wedding_Photographer_25