Foto di coppia a Cap De Creus, Spagna

Nothing is better than photographing a wonderful couple in a breathtaking natural scenery… I met Joao and Rita during one of my travels around Europe. I had immediately a special feeling with them, so I decided to ask them if they wanted to be the subjects of a couple photography session. The spot I had in mind was supposed to be somehow wild, it had to express the beauty of unspoiled nature… So I suddenly remembered a place where I had been in the past, even before becoming a wedding photographer! An evocative and magical place: Cap De Creus, a small but beautiful promontory on the border between France and Spain. For me, couple photography must express a strong connection that binds two people together, it must show this link that challenges the adversities of life, that’s why I love to photograph in the wilderness. Joao and Rita were two exceptional models, and the pictures that I took really express my concept of couple photography. I hope these suggestive images transmit the same emotions that I felt while I took them!

. Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_4Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_5 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_6Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_8Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_9Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_10 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_13Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_14 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_16 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_18Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_19 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_20Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_21Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_25Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_23Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_27 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_28Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_31Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_34Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_37Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_38Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_39 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Cap_De_Creus_160318_40


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