Matrimonio a Puerto Vallarta, Messico

“Rick and I met 5 years ago through a mutual friend that invited me to party at his house before going to Lollapallozza, a music festival in Chicago. When I arrived to his apartment, Rick answered the door and we locked eyes and the rest was history. We connected effortlessly and spent the next 5 years together falling in love while traveling the world laughing, experiencing and becoming stronger partners and now I’m lucky enough to call him my husband. I fell in love with Rick’s gentle spirit and his endless affection.

Our first Valentine’s Day together, we cooked at home and before we sat down for dinner, he played the song, “The Way You Look Tonight” and whispered the lyrics to me while dancing in the middle of our kitchen. His ability to make me feel so loved and so special never ceases to amaze me. After plans fell apart to get married in the Amalfi Coast, we turned lemons into lemonade and brought an Italian flair (along with amazing vendors) to the beautiful coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We knew we wanted an intimate, romantic ceremony so we chose Casa Valerie, a villa up in the hills of Mismaloya with endless sea views to exchange vows and celebrate our wedding. Our dream vision for our wedding would have not been possible without our wedding planner, The Dazzling Details, and our talented photographers Sergio & Francesca, and videographers Valentina and Martino.”

Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_14Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_48Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_2 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_3Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_8 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_23Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_63 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_62Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_65 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_70Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_86 Simple and beautiful wedding photography in Mexico Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_107 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_85 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_84Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_99 Wedding Photographer in JaliscoSergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_98 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_260217_108Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_122 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_124 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_125 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_118Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_130 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_148Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Vallarta_0009 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_135 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_136 Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_141Sergio_Sarnicola_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_250217_161


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