Wedding in San Pantaleo, Sardinia

Carlo & Julia are a dynamic couple: he was born in Turin – Italy, while she is of Russian descent. Both of them have always traveled lots for work purposes, and this allowed them to get to know each other: “We practised yoga at the same studio in Dubai for a few months before we were officially introduced at a friend’s dinner party. That was on April 2016, and we’ve been together since!” What truly binds Carlo and Julia together is the passion they both have for travel and food – especially Japanese cuisine – besides the fact that they are also very cheerful and friendly people. This was evident on their big day: even though it was a fairly private wedding, Carlo and Julia were able to involve everyone and make sure that all of their guests felt at ease. These guests didn’t cut corners anywhere. They animated the party with songs, toasts and dancing into the wee hours of the night! 

The religious ceremony in San Pantaleo took place in the small but characteristic church. San Pantaleo is a very welknown place, due to its particular architecture and its strategic position which is not far from the exclusive Costa Smeralda villages such as Porto Cervo. For the wedding reception, the newlyweds chose a magnificent five-star resort: Petra Segreta. This hotel reminds us of the typical style of the rural houses of Gallura – but it also conceals its contemporary interiors where one can find a combination of local goods, artistic objects and oriental influences which give life to a welcoming and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  This harmony is totally in sync with Carlo and Julia’s style.  

Julia is enthusiastic about the success of their wedding day: “Everything was perfect: the flowers in the church, the organisation, the photographer, the food… All was absolutely as we had always dreamed! Organising a Wedding in Sardinia was a truly great idea!” Now Carlo and Julia have very concrete plans for their near future: “Seeing as many great places as possible. Buying a house. Getting a dog” – Julia says. And my wish for them is for all their dreams to come true!