“I met Knute in the Fall of 2015 while we were both interning at the Seattle Seahawks. We’d like to say it was love at first sight… but it was quite the opposite! I invited a bunch of the interns on a hike (all of which said no), but I unknowingly passed right by Knute and didn’t extend an invitation. It made him angry, so he thought he would put me in my place by making a joke out of inviting me on a hike, thinking I would for sure say no… except I said yes! The hike ended up being a four-hour drive each way and a 12 mile long hike. Needless to say – we spent a lot of time together that first day, and a deep friendship was born. Soon we realized we had fallen in love with each other. When Knute proposed last November and we sat down to talk about plans, we realized that a normal wedding in the States was not something we wanted.”

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“As an event planner myself, I knew that I would be so caught up in all the small details of an American wedding and I would forget the true purpose. We wanted the wedding to be a beautiful picture of what marriage truly is. To do that, we had to remove all the fluff and pressure. Being at Podere Conti made both Knute and I slow down, relax, and enjoy every moment. There was no stress, and that was exactly what we were going for: Podere Conti and Cornelia, the owner, were a true blessing – there is no better place in all of Italy or the world to commit your life to someone else, we truly believe that. There is magic in those mountains, and for the rest of our lives, we’ll be going back to Tuscany to try and soak up as much of it as we can.”

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